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2020 New insights: what is new about Iberia ?

2020 New insights: what is new about Iberia ?

08 Fév 2020

With a relatively strong brand among airlines in Spain, Iberia is improving its flight offer net and Skytrax rating as a four-star airline.

The company has considerably improved its commercial, operating and financial results since its loss-making years of 2008-2013, but the management keeps focus on additional improvement to stay globally in completion with major European flag-carrier airlines to capitalize on its strong points, mainly the comfort of the cabin well appreciated and work on the weaknesses including, the quality of its onboard staff and the quality of catering which are slightly lower than the competition and the inflight entertainment offer considered as lower than the competition.

New, elegant uniform: It seems like a fresh wind is blowing on Iberia even before spring

Madrid Fashion Week event: A real masterstroke 

It was time to renew Iberia’s flight crew wardrobe once again. A real masterstroke here. There was no better time and event than The 71st annual edition Madrid Fashion Week for Iberia, which, by the end of March 2020, will be led by Javier Sanchez-Prieto in place of CEO Luis, to announce the launch of the new uniforms of the airlines' Pilots, Cabin Crew and Ground staff.

The new Spanish airline uniforms have been designed by designer Teresa Helbig, who succeeds big names in Spanish fashion who have collaborated with Iberia like Manuel Pertegaz, Elio Berhanyer or Adolfo Domínguez. More than twenty items of clothing and uniform accessories designed to dress 6,500 pilots, flight attendants, and airport staff, who will put them by May 1, 2020. Personally, I am impatiently waiting to see the final result. According to the Iberia press release, the new line of uniforms includes "dresses, suits, skirts, pants, shirts, blouses, overcoats, handbags, cardigans, blazers, vests, scarves, knitted sweaters, polo shirts, ties ", and even" special uniforms for pregnant staff ". A clarification to highlight: only female staff on the ground are legally entitled to continue working during pregnancy. For obvious medical reasons related to work at altitude and the pressure of airplanes, female flight personnel is required to declare pregnancy from the start. The flight attendants can work on the ground during this period. The designs embody "proximity, vitality, excellence and service, all of the values ​​of Iberia shared by Helbig", with clothing that is not only comfortable and practical but made "in an elegant and durable style".

A new uniform reflecting Iberia culture

According to the company which is part of the Oneworld Alliance, the jackets have a retro touch, while the coats have an attractive unisex touch, and the pants for women are very practical. The aim is to combine practicality and ease of movement during service or possibly in the event of safety maneuvers. “These are all the clothes that we would be happy to wear every day. There is a reinterpretation of the iconic straight skirt, and we have given special importance to accessories, "said Helbig, who is presented as one of the best contemporary fashion designers in Spain. The uniforms were designed in very close consultation with Iberia management to reflect the values ​​of the company. Blue, red, yellow and beige hues predominate in the collection. Navy blue symbolizes balance, while red and yellow are Iberia's corporate colors: "Red embodies passion, motivation and vitality, and yellow is stimulating, young and energetic," explains Helbig, while beige is "authentic, natural, calm and very elegant". The mosaic of colors is complemented by details that appear and disappear with physical movement.

A special feature of the approach: The El Corte Inglés chain of stores manufactures the new Iberia uniforms, which will be delivered individually to the home of each employee. Modifications will be made to El Corte Inglés points of sale near Madrid and Barcelona airports.

In front of a fashion-focused audience of hundreds of design fans and experts at the 71st annual edition of Madrid Fashion Week, the audience applauded the presentation of the various items of uniform clothing and accessories designed by Helbig to dress the airline’s 6,500 uniformed cockpit, cabin, and ground personnel as of 1 May of this year. 

Smart customer service solutions

All airlines tend to highlight customer satisfaction importance, even more, as a top priority said. Easier to say than to apply. An obvious way for airlines to turn unhappy passengers into loyal customers is by quickly answering their questions and eventually focusing on their actual feedback.

Airline passengers have naturally high expectations for airlines’ customer service departments.

A passenger whose luggage is lost, a connections flight is missed, will expect a prompt response and an instant solution. To meet this expectation, airlines need to have customer service support available to resolve issues 24/7. Iberia asserts its commitment to ensuring a quality service to its  20 million passengers flying with the company every year.

With a focus on customers before, during, and after each flight to provide safe, dependable and friendly air transportation to customers, along with numerous related services.

Iberia is constantly bringing personalized services to meet its air travelers’ increasing service expectations while ensuring its customer support staff had the necessary training and competences to properly resolve issues, sometimes very complex.

Iberia explored several different solutions, including AI-powered chatbots designed by Mindsay, a specialized smart chatbot solution company.

The solution allows connection to many of its business platforms. These integrations allow Iberia’s chatbot to help passengers with different kinds of customer service support needs. 

The technology tool provides ticket information, luggage dimensions, check-in help, payment details, destination guides, and other potential passenger inquiries before they make it to a support agent. A great solution both for passengers and staff in terms of quality and solution optimization.

The chatbot can also act as a sales and service agent, release boarding passes, check-in passengers, sell extra services, both on the ground and on board, all this without a human agent, the orders being treated remotely.

Iberia is, by the way, is Certified Skytrax ‘’4-Star Airline Rating’’ for the quality of the inflight service product and staff service, and the Iberia home base Airport service for Iberia product (seats, comfort, food & beverages, etc), cabin staff service, and ground service standards.

New Management

On the management side, the International Airlines Group (IAG, which includes Iberia, Vueling, Level, British Airways and Aer Lingus) announces that Javier Sánchez-Prieto, currently CEO of low-cost carrier Vueling, has been appointed CEO of Iberia. Marco Sansavini, currently commercial director of Iberia, has been appointed CEO of Vueling.

Javier Sánchez-Prieto and Marco Sansavini will begin their new assignments at the end of March when Willie Walsh retires as Group CEO, where he will be replaced by current Iberia CEO Luis Gallego.

Willie Walsh said in a statement, "I would like to congratulate Javier and Marco on their new roles and I am confident that they are the right people to lead Iberia and Vueling. Both have worked in the Group for several years and have a fantastic track record, proving once again that we have extremely talented people in-house that we can promote to our most senior positions. ”

Javier Sánchez-Prieto has headed Vueling for three years. He was previously Director of Strategic Planning and Finance at Iberia between 2013 and 2016, where he "played a key role in the airline's financial recovery". Javier was CFO of Iberia Express when it was created in 2012, before working for several years within the Uralita group and Air Nostrum. Marco Sansavini was the commercial director of Iberia for seven years, where he led the airline’s commercial and brand transformation. Previously, he held senior commercial and strategic positions at Alitalia and Air France-KLM.


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